Best Police Scanners 2018 !! What is the best buy for 2018

Best Police Scanners

Best Police Scanners Updated List 2018

Do you want to be aware and connected to today’s society? Do you want to keep track of current events? There are a few methods available, and one is by looking at the news. The problem is that many dealings might not even make the headline news. The second best thing is the police scanner to get on the spot updates about what is happening in your community.

You can get immediate updates on road conditions and the weather. The good news is the device offers you multiple benefits and remains a viable piece of equipment. However, before you buy one, make sure the area you plan to use it does not utilize encrypted radios. The only thing you might hear is silence.

What Police Scanner Is Best for You?

The leaders in police scanners are Uniden and Whistler. The most accepted by far is the Digital Phase 2 model. With this device, you can hear action-taking place in any area. There are other formats available as well the phase 1 digital scanner, analog scanners and trunked scanners.

We recommend you look at the digital phase two as all United States communication is migrating to this frequency format. With a digital stage two scanner, you can pick up phase 1, phase 2, analog and trunked formats. The phase 1 digital scanner can only pick up phase 1 and analog & trunked formats. While the trunked scanner just picks up trunked & analog and the analog can just pick up analog.

The good news is a police scanner is permissible to own and use in the U.S. Furthermore, the police scanner best for you is the one that meets your particular needs. However, before buying one you need to check the specific recommendations for your area.

Why Would You Use the Police Scanner?

As mentioned before, using the police scanner keeps you updated on the latest happenings in your area. The device allows you to pick up radio frequencies to listen similar to listening to an FM radio. With your radio, you can change channels with the dial to pick up signals and block others out. With the scanner, it is the same. The only difference is if you want to listen in to air traffic, police and more it all depends on the scanner you use and the frequency picked up in your area.

The radio scanner is a helpful device allowing you to monitor communication between the police and emergency responders. However, this is not the only thing you can hear on a radio scanner. Here are some other notable updates you can receive while using a race scanner:

  • Air Traffic Control
  • Firefighters
  • Ham radio operators
  • Highway patrol
  • Media
  • Paramedics
  • Police
  • Railroads
  • Retail outlets
  • Rescue Squads
  • Traffic departments and more

Finding the Correct Scanner Format

By now, you might be thinking of buying yourself a channel scanner. You need to start thinking about what is most important, and that is the right scanner format. We mentioned before there are four scanner formats available the Digital Phase 2, Digital Phase 1, Analog, and Trunked. The truth is that all communications are gradually moving to the Phase 2 of scanning. Another fact is no matter which police scanner you buy you cannot access an encrypted signal and some devices can pick up more than one format. We still recommend you buy the Phase 2 digital radio scanner as it can pick up all of the systems mentioned here.

Digital Phase 2:

The digital stage two formats came into existence for one reason, and that is to offer you more channels. There are two frequencies used in the same 12.5kH bandwidth. Manufacturers use a technology known as “Time Division Multiple Access.” Alternatively, retailers refer to it as “TDMA.” In fact, there is only one channel currently used per the 12.5kH. You can hear two conversations taking place at the same time.

If you need the best police scanner, you need the Digital Phase 2 race scanner such as the Uniden 436HP, Uniden HomePatrol 2, or the Whistler 1080. With any of these units, you can pick up all formats from phase 1, phase 2, analog and trunked. What makes this type of equipment stand out is the fact that you can listen to state-of-the-art local, country, and state digital radio systems. Another benefit is that you can listen to conversations with a crystal-clear reception and monitor a wide selection of channels. Furthermore, the device is backward compatible and can communicate with other racer scanner users using the older formats. The truth is it is the future and an absolute requirement for many areas in the United States.

ImageProduct NameRatingPrice
Uniden 436HP ScannerUniden 436HP Scanner5/5Check Price
Uniden Homepatrol 2 TouchScreen Digital Scanner4.5/5Check Price
Whistler WS1080 Handheld Digital Trunking Scanner4.5/5Check Price

Digital Phase 1:

The format of this police scanner came to being as analog channels became very congested. An analog scanner only has a 25kH broad channel while the digital phase one uses a 12.5kH wide one. With this conversion, it has doubled the number of channels available for you to listen. The problem is that people needed more channels and manufacturers designed the phase two that will eventually replace all other formats.

For one of the best police scanners with digital phase 1, you can look at the Homepatrol-1 or Whistler 1040. With both of these fine pieces of equipment, you get outstanding audio hardware and excellent reception. Furthermore, they are compatible with the P25 a standard used by the federal state and local safety organizations. You can even get fast weather updates.

ImageProduct NameRatingPrice
Uniden HomePatrol-1 Touchscreen Digital Scanner3.5/5Check Price
Whistler WS1040 Handheld Digital Scanner Radio4/5Check Price


Years back as the police moved to trunking systems it became difficult for users to follow the action. The word “Trunking” came from a word used in telephone systems. All it says is that a large number of users can use a smaller number of communication paths. It works similar to a telephone as once you pick up a line and use it the trunk remains dedicated to you. Once you hang up, the trunk call becomes available for another user.

With a police scanner using the trunking format, you have three frequency bands. The popular one is the 800 MHz and 900 MHz bands from the public safety system. The 2nd one is the Ultra High Frequency with the 450MHz band and lasts on the list is the 150MHz band. All groups below the 150MHz frequency have a restriction placed on them by the Federal Communications Commission.

For the best radio scanner with trunking, you can look at the Uniden BCD15X. This non-digital scanner you can use as a base station or mobile. You even get a unique GPS function and have pre-programmed Highway Patrol frequencies. You can listen to different frequencies from public safety to railroad or racing.

Uniden BearTracker Mobile Tracking Scanner with GPS Support – Black (BCT15X)


The conventional police scanner only picks up analog radio transmission as you can see in the Uniden BC75XLT.You have a keypad to enter frequencies, and it stores the data to the memory of the device. You are still able to use the radio scanner is rural areas with analog radio transmission. Compared to a digital model the analog communication you cannot scramble, but with the former, you can encrypt the connection. You can use it to listen to emergencies, NOAA weather, and the police.

Uniden BC75XLT: Public Safety Scanner

The Best Police Scanners Available

Police scanners help you to discover the world of communication that you cannot access with your traditional radio. Whether you need one for your security service, emergency service or traveling, you can find a suitable one here catering for your needs.

Best Handheld Portable Police Scanner

The Uniden 436HP is an excellent example of a handheld portable radio scanner. The device is a digital phase 2 model loaded with outstanding features. You get enhanced dynamic memory, location-based scanning and narrowband reception. The handheld radio offers you Uniden Close Call RF Capture, extra large display, GPS connectivity, and radio system analysis. The device detects and tunes into available frequencies in close range, and you can program it to a channel. You can also access the S.A.M.E Weather Alert and receive notification if severe weather conditions do arise in your area. For planning a trip, you can buy an external antenna to extend the radios range.

Uniden BCD 436HP

Best Vehicle Police Scanner

The Uniden 536HP is one of the best car police scanners available on the market. The race scanner is one of UNIDEN top sellers for home and vehicle use. Furthermore, this is the only scanner that has its siren app. You get a Wi-Fi option to use with your smartphone. You have an illuminated LCD backlit keypad and display to program your frequencies. The device also has the Home Patrol data to enter your zip code and listen to everything in your area. The 536HP is another digital phase 2 scanner that you can use to listen in to different formats available.

Uniden BCD536HP Digital Phase 2 Base/Mobile Scanner with HPDB and Wi-Fi

 Uniden BCD536HP Digital Phase 2 Base/Mobile Scanner with HPDB and Wi-Fi

Best Base Police Scanner

Here we have three different digital phase two scanners you can pick the Uniden 536HP, HomePatrol 2 and the Whistler TRX2. All three serve as a base or home stations. We have already discussed the BDC536HP model of Uniden briefly and can use it in your home or vehicle.

Now if you need a fantastic race scanner, you need the HomePatrol 2, as it is similar to use a smartphone. Instead of using buttons, it has a touchscreen offering you a user-friendly interface. With the lightweight and portable design, you can slip it into your pocket to use anywhere. For scanning from home, it has a dock you can rest it. You also get unlimited channels but do not have AM/FM reception.

Last on the list is the Whistler TRX2 model that is NXDN capable and has a removable faceplate. You can use it with the different bandwidth frequencies from digital to analog. The unit is Alpha Tag, has NAC decoding, Location Based Scanning, Close Call/Stalker and more.

Whistler TRX-2 Desktop Digital Scanner

Whistler TRX 2

Best Police Scanner Brands

You can find many different police scanner brands available online we have selected the best for you to make your search easier. Here you can view a list of radio scanners you can buy categorized into different groups seen here:

Best Uniden Police Scanner

Uniden is a world leader when it comes to manufacturing police scanners. Further, they are also the oldest manufacturer of the device. Here you can find some of the best available on the Uniden list:

  • BCD436HP
  • BCD536HP
  • HomePatrol-2
  • BCD996P2
  • BCD325P2
  • HomePatrol-1
  • BCD15X
  • BC125AT
  • BC75XLT
  • BC355N
  • BC365CRS


Best Whistler Police Scanner

A company known as GRE Japan designed the majority of the Whistler police scanners. They are the same people who supplied RadioShack with their brand name. Here we selected the best radio scanners available in the Whistler range:

  • WS1080
  • WS1095
  • WS1098
  • WS1088
  • TRX-1
  • TRX-2
  • WS1040
  • WS1065
  • WS1025
  • WS1010