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Affiliate marketing has been proved to be an indispensable marketing tool for every online store nowadays. With Magento store, to find a good built-in Affiliate extension is not easy, just take a quick look and you will see that there are hundred of Affiliate extensions with different price and features. Choosing a good one among those is indeed a challenge. We know that’s a big concern, that’s why we release Affiliate Plus magento extension, a the perfect turnkey solution  to help you create your own in-house Magento affiliate program. Affiliate Plus has 3 editions: Standard, Platinum and Advanced for different purposes.

Starting with the standard edition, our Magento Affiliate Extension consists of all the basic and necessary features for your store’s affiliate program success. Now, give them a look…

Magetno affiliate plus

Standard features

You can choose the commission type to be fixed or percentage and easily add the preferred rate. Besides, you can differentiate commission/ discount levels of the first order and following ones.

Magento Affiliate Plus extension | Setting commission & discount

You are also able to set “payout requirement” which is a specific amount that referrals’ balance must reach before they can request to withdraw money.

Magento Affiliate Plus extension | Setting payout requirement

Another feature that is also very interesting is that if you suspect your affiliates’ reliability, you can choose to hold their commissions in a period of time.

Finally, once an affiliate has succeeded in referring a friend to your store, he can be entitled to the whole-life commissions from that friend’s transactions. For example, when a Customer is introduced to buy your products through affiliate A for his first time and through affiliates B, C the second time, third time, etc., this feature can allow you to add commission for A only.

Affiliate Plus offers you full control of referrals. You can easily add, remove, enable or disable affiliates and edit preferences in “Manage Account” tab as shown below:

Magento Affiliate Plus extension | Account management

Going to each account detail page, you can easily change information as you wish.

Magento Affiliate Plus extension | Edit account

It is also simple to view information of affiliates such as: their programs, friends, transactions and payments. Take “programs” tab as an example as below:

Magento Affiliate Plus extension | View account

If you want a website or blog to be your affiliates, Banner and link will be the best choice. You can upload banners (image/flash) or create text links for your affiliates to easily get and share. Or they can use the source code to post in website, forum, magento tutorial

Magento Affiliate Plus extension | Manage Banners

After clicking on “Edit” button or directly on a specific banner, you will be able to edit that banner in its detailed page as below:

Magento Affiliate Plus extension | Edit Banner

If you want your own customers to become your affiliates, this feature can meet your requirement! Affiliates can share links through email or social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) in the most convenient way.

Magento Affiliate Plus extension | Refer Friends

Customers can import all contacts from multiple mail boxes (Gmail, Yahoo) and write their own messages to their friends.

Magento Affiliate Plus extension | Refer Friends via Email

Moreover, referrals are allowed to customize the personal link to be friendlier.

Magento Affiliate Plus extension | Customize link

To diversify options for affiliates, they can use commission as store credit to check out on your site. You can also configure the tax class to calculate tax for withdrawals as you wish.

In frontend, referrals can view their withdrawal history in their affiliate account/ withdrawal tab.

We give you the ability to access relevant information of an affiliate’s transaction like order number, products, commission and discount. It is extremely easy to monitor, review and filter transactions.

Magento Affiliate Plus extension | Manage Transactions

You can also choose to view the transaction by clicking on that transaction line as below:

Magento Affiliate Plus extension | View Transaction

After logging in backend, you can comfortably configure and control withdrawals of affiliate accounts.

Magento Affiliate Plus extension | Manage WithdrawalMagento Affiliate Plus extension | View Withdrawal

It is possible to add or subtract commission of an account balance:

Magento Affiliate Plus extension | Withdrawal Configuration

Affiliates promote your products through many channels. But only when your products are purchased through their links, referrals can get commission. In other words, you just Pay when you get Sale. You can configure this feature in General Configuration as illustrated below:

Magento Affiliate Plus extension | Pay per sale

Instead of conducting payout manually when an affiliate requests payment, admin can use PayPal API with auto-process, making the payout more convenient and faster.

Magento Affiliate Plus extension | PayPal mass pay

Platinum features

You want to run different programs with different commission rates, based on customers or product groups? We provide you Multi program feature which let you create such programs without a hitch. You can add more programs as you wish, edit programs, etc.


You can see and edit a lot of features of one program such as applied categories, conditions, actions, etc. when going to its detailed page as below:


First affiliate refers a link and gets a friend sign up to become affiliate. When the second affiliate succeeds in selling a product, both him and the first affiliate can get commission. This plugin allows you to set the number of tiers, commission amounts and commission types for different tiers.

In frontend, if Customers get involved in tier transactions, they can see the information of number of tier transaction, tier earnings and tier commissions as below:

Each affiliate is issued an unique coupon code that they can send to their friends. When their friends use this code to place orders in your store, affiliates will receive commissions. As the invited customers also gain benefits, the conversion rate of this method seems higher than others. You can enable to use coupon, set up the code pattern, and choose whether to use affiliate coupon parallel with sale coupon.

In frontend, the Coupon tab will appear in My Affiliate Account of Customers, showing them their coupon code, program and commission type.

This feature enables you to track the sales, clicks of affiliates, impression reports, best seller product reports and affiliate accounts. Therefore, it’s easy to analyze affiliate program’s performance and get solution to improve it.

For example, you can view your top affiliates on your site so as to know who have have the most influential impact on your business.

Advanced features

Pay-per-lead helps you create a program allowing affiliates to receive commission for the actual number of leads he generates. “Lead” may be new accounts signup in your site or newsletter subscribes.

Customers can track their commissions from PPL program as below:

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a very popular method in affiliating. This plugin allows referrals to earn money based on the number of clicks to your website that they generate. Affiliates can view the number of clicks and also the corresponding commissions that they receive.

With Pay Per Mille (PPM) plugin, you can configure that affiliates receive commissions for thousand impressions of banner/link that they generate. Affiliates can view the number of views and also the corresponding commissions that they receive.

Advanced Banner plug-in is released to provide more different types of banner for affiliates to select such as Hover banner, Page Peel banner and Rotator banner. It’s also really easy to customize banners and links to post on social channels. You can see page peel banner illustrated in the following image:

Affiliate Payment plugin gives you many payment methods like PayPal, Moneybookers, Offline payment, Bank transfer and recurring payment feature. Your Affiliates are able to choose their preferred means of payment:

Affiliate Direct Link Tracking plug-in allows editing the format of normal affiliate link to be shorter and friendlier. It also helps affiliates register for a domain or web-page to show banners without any difficulties. Visitors will no longer be able to realize affiliate links easily, thus they will click more.

As for added links, affiliates can also carry out many actions such as: get code, edit or delete

When you install Widget plug-in, referrals are enabled to locate widget boxes on their sites, which contain a list of your products. More products are shown, more selling chances referrals get.


This plugin helps you to encourage your affiliates to increase your sales by giving them additional commissions based on a certain sales or order amount. When the plugin is installed, affiliates can see your information about additional commission in Affiliate Home page.

Take a look at this example. When the total sales value in a month was greater than 1.000$ as configured in backend, the affiliate received 10$ more for each of his next orders in that month:

In backend, you can configure characteristics of this additional commission such as basis for calculation (orders or sales), commission type, levels of commission, etc.

Trash is a very useful and necessary plugin, which is only manipulated in backend. It creates great convenience for you by allowing you to delete or restore both transactions and withdrawals if you wish.

You can put your unnecessary transactions into trash and then, restore them:


Similarly, you can delete a withdrawal you want and then, take it back:


Boost your sales with Affiliate Plus now !!!



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